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Star GhostInTheMachine
a ghost in the machine

Group Founder: xgh05tx
Description: Trapped behind the screen, a ghost in the machine
Group Type: Public join
Members: 5
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > PDA-Smartphones

Topics (6)

go blackberry (0) psalmson
btw bold 5 & touch 9800wch is better?

go 'Bleed' (0) xgh05tx
U can't tell the difference between wat hurts u and wat u need. So I keep coming back just to watch u bleed

go 'Our Game' (0) xgh05tx
Nothings changed,its all the same, stakes are raisedbut its still a game.Touchd u once,felt ur shame. ed u twice,lit the flame.Now u wonderwho's to blame,I giv u doubt,u take the pain.But nothings cha...

go 'Ghost at Dawn' (0) xgh05tx
I turn into a ghost at dawn,Touch you twice then I'm gone, movin on.Once in awhile it feels like its wrong-Pushing you into a corner,Stringing you along,Holding on

go 'Faded' (0) xgh05tx
When all the cards have been playedAnd all the bets have been laid, The ghosts in the cornerturn into smoke and fade, Like the stars in the morning skiesOr the tears in our wounded eyes

go 'Empty Pages' (0) xgh05tx
My words, my rhymes- Thoughts not easily defined, Memory processed and refined, Geometric, egocentric design, Constellations aligned, A wrinkle in time, These pages are mine

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